Benefits of using a portable storage container

A lot of people would agree that the problem of where to store things before moving in to your new house or office is one of the most difficult parts of relocation. However, these days, you can make things easier by using a portable storage container. A portable storage container is in some ways a better alternative to the storage units that people traditionally and usually use.

Using a portable container offers certain benefits which include the following.

The first benefit is security. High-end types of portable container are made of steel and have features like tamper-proof lockboxes. You can rest in peace knowing that your property would remain safe and secured.

You have the option to have it stored on-site if you want easy access, or to store in the secure facilities of the storage container company. Some companies even offer drop-off and delivery services for your convenience. When you do opt for the company’s facilities instead of having it in your place, you also have the option to get the container delivered when you need it.

Storage Container

The next benefit of a storage container is its versatility. You can use your storage container for a long time or for only a short period of time. The containers do not degrade and will never get worn-out within a lifetime. So, whatever your purpose may be, whether you need to store something for a while, or whether you just need storage space for a few days, these storage containers could come in handy. There is also no need for you to rush with the relocation process. You don’t have to unload everything at a specific date – you can just take things slowly and unload at your own pace!

A portable storage container is also weather proof. No matter the kind of weather you are having today, your storage container can take it. Do not worry about your things inside your storage container because it is well protected. Most of these containers are also water resistant so you do not have to worry about moisture damage. You may have to look for special containers if you’re looking to store items that guarantee 100% protection from water.

What’s even better is that a portable storage container can give you good value for money these days. Some people do not like storage containers; after all, it would be a considerable investment for something that would only be used to warehouse certain items. But considering the convenience and the other benefits, it is more than worth it.

Portable Storage Container
It also has other uses other than for relocation. If you decided to sell your house and you wanted it look beautiful and brand new, you can use a storage container. You can stack and organize all of your things inside it and after you stack your things, you can now easily get rid of things you will not use anymore and you can give your house a make over. This also works when – for example – your house is under renovation. Since your house is under renovation, you have to clear your house. You can use your storage container for storing your things for the mean time. The size of a storage container also helps because of its huge size; you can organize your things inside it. Thus, when you have to bring back your things in your house you will not have a hard time.

A portable storage container can be a big help to people who decided to move into a new house, new business site or whatever. However, make sure the things inside your storage container are well organize so that when you are about to bring your things in your new house you won’t have a hard time.

PCB Fabrication: Understanding the Etching Process

PCB fabrication involves a lot of steps, depending on the type of PCB and its intended end use. One of these steps is etching, among several others.

Etching refers to the chemical removal of copper that does not form part of the circuit board. There are several etching solutions used. The most common ones include ferric chloride and ammonium  persulphate.

A resist is placed over the desired copper areas to prevent removal during the etching process. Preparations can be done using the direct draw or manual method, photographic method, direct etch and silkscreen.


PCBPreparing the board manually is also referred to as the direct draw method. A resist pen can be used to draw the copper patterns over the board surface. Some use dry transfers or specialty tapes or donuts. The circuit patterns are laid out on the copper layer. All areas outside of these patterns will be eaten away by the etching solution. Once done, the drawn patterns will be all that is left on the copper layer.

When using the pen technique, special ink is used to draw the circuit pattern on the copper layer of the board. This technique relies on the waterproof characteristics of the ink and the impervious plastic on the copper surface, which keeps the etching solution away from the underlying copper. This is the fastest method to apply a circuit pattern on a printed circuit board. However, accurate placement of the traces may prove to be difficult. Accurate trace placement is necessary especially when using IC packages in the PCB design. Uneven ink placement on the board may also cause trace areas to be etched away. This is why direct draw is only recommended in PCB fabrication of low-definition PCBs or when retouching prior to etching.

Photographic preparation

This technique allows for the fast and efficient production of PCB with consistently high qualities. The board is first covered with resist material, which sets up upon exposure to UV light (photo resist sensitive to light). The layout of the circuit pattern is drawn on a positive UV translucent artwork film. Circuit traces are represented by opaque areas on the film and clear areas are where copper should be etched away.

Once done, the film is placed on a photo sensitized board and then exposed to ultraviolet light. The light passes through the clear areas, which cures the underlying photo resist. The PCB is then submerged into a prepared developer bath. During the bath, all sensitized photo resist on the surface of the board is removed. All the remaining photo resist is now the traces in the circuit pattern.

This technique allows for neat and more accurate placement of traces. Also, the artwork film can be used several more times on different boards.

Direct Etch

The direct etch method in PCB fabrication uses laser printers. Toners used in laser printer are made up mostly of pulverized plastic, which makes for a good etch resist.

First, the circuit pattern is printed on a special kind of transfer paper through a laser printer. The image is then laid face down on the printed circuit board. Iron the transfer paper for 1 to 2 minutes. Immerse the board into a water bath, which dissolves the special back coating of the transfer paper. Remove the board from the bath and slide away the paper. The board is now ready for etching.

Inspect the pattern before immersing the board in etching solution. If the pattern needs reworking, simply print another pattern. Wipe of the incorrect pattern from the surface of the board using acetone and start over.


This allows for very accurate and neat circuit patterns. The width of the traces can be as narrow as 0.006 inches. This is also very convenient, easy and inexpensive. However, complex images on circuit patterns do not print well using this method.


This is the main etching preparation method for large-scale PCB fabrication. This process is almost the same as photographic preparation. The same procedure is performed. The only difference is that emulsion is not applied to every circuit board. Instead, one screen is exposed and developed, which has been coated with photosensitive material.

After the screen is exposed, the PCB is placed under the frame. Special ink is placed on the frame then raked across. Open areas on the screen do not allow ink to pass through. These will be the areas etched away.

Understanding the Essence of Using ChallengeCoins4Less Military Coins Today

During the Vietnam era, leisure time is a commodity, but when people have it, they tremendously used it including writing letters, hanging out in the club, and taking a nap. The most popular leisure is to spend time at the club or bar. However, it eventually became a boring and ordinary thing for people. To promote unit camaraderie and heighten the excitement, bullet clubs were established. They were composed of small and elite frontline fighters who carry personalized bullets from their weapons used in combat. The main purpose of the bullet is to refute the enemy’s personal capture.

How Military Coins were Developed

Once a person enters the bar, he is challenged by another member to present his bullet. If he can present his bullet, the challenger will pay for his drinks in the bar. However, if he doesn’t have the bullet in his pocket, he needs to buy the drinks for the challenger. Eventually, custom bullets have disbelieving proportions. Some carry 20MM, 40MM, or 150MM cannon shell. During the heyday of bullet clubs, it’s a common scene to see scattered bullets on the barroom tables. This represents a respectable range of rockets, bullets, artillery shells and cannon shells.

However, to avoid unintentional discharge of these bullets and control the situation, they were substituted by what we call the military coins today. The coins reflect pride and units symbol while giving the member an honorific reward for their performance and achievements. Good thing there are lots of reputable coin makers in the country, like the

ChallengeCoins4Less. Such company offers unique medallions for long term use. They may differ in designs and sizes, but the value is the same. If you have coin needs right now, you can conveniently make an order online.

Custom Coins

The Growing Value of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins characteristically feature the insignia of an organization and are usually carried to present identification. During coin checks, you will be asked to present one to prove membership. However, apart from identification, these coins are also designed to boost morale and avoid spending money for the challenger’s drinks. To keep up with this traditional practice from the Americans, ChallengeCoins4Less is dedicated to produce quality coins with unique designs and features.

By performing well in the job you are tasked to do, you will be rewarded with these coins. The more challenge coins you have, the more you can prove your achievements and dedication in your role, either in the military or government agency. They don’t just improve morale, but also provide you a unique collection of coins with special stories behind them. Coins may be simple to look at, but they epitomize various insignia or symbols of highly respected organizations and units around the world.

Custom CoinsWith the popularity of challenge coins today, it’s surprising that some people still don’t know the meaning of carrying medallions or military coins. Die-cast zinc alloy and die-struck brass are usually used in manufacturing challenge coins like the ones offered by ChallengeCoins4Less. The high quality metals like silver and gold are also used for custom designs requested by customers.

There are also various shapes used to meet the specific requirements while providing the exact style. If you have personalized designs, you can send these to the coin maker, so you can get the ideal outcome you want.

More Benefits to Enjoy when Using Custom Coins

Another advantage of challenge coins is that you can offer them as giveaways during corporate events and conferences. You can even endorse and advertise your brand through these coins. The ultimate benefit of challenge coins is that they can last a lifetime without degrading their value. However, to get the right coins for your current needs, you have to find an experienced coin manufacturer, which provides a more convenient ordering service.

One of the most popular coin makers in the country today is ChallengeCoins4Less. With the plethora of coins that they already manufactured since day one, the company has been a reliable partner for those who need custom challenge coins with unique designs. If you also want to experience quality made coins available on the web, this is the right site to visit. You are sure to save time and money while also enjoying premium coins like no other.

The role of custom patches in public service

Custom PatchesPublic service is a key arm of any government. Through public service, a government is able to provide social services and assistance to its constituents. The common good is always at the heart of public service. That is why public service is associated with the provision and protection of fundamental human rights.

There are many sectors under public service. Those that provide basic needs and utilities include the sectors of electricity, gas and oil, public housing, and water supply. Education, sanitation, and public health are also deemed as basic needs. These are being handled by the sectors of state schools, public library, environmental protection, waste management, and healthcare. Communities are also being taken care of by the sectors of social services, telecommunications, town planning, transportation, postal service, and public broadcasting. Citizens are safeguarded by the military, police, and fire brigade. In times of distress, emergency services are provided by various public service sectors.

Public service workers do not just treat their occupations as jobs. Their duties do not expire after their work shifts. Public service workers spend long hours at work and some of them are on call such as paramedics, police, military, and firefighters. If needed, they would report for work even on their day off or when on vacation. They would willingly risk their lives to protect their fellow citizens as well as foreigners within their jurisdiction. This is because they treat their work as a lifelong commitment.

All workers in public service are commonly uniformed to distinguish them from commoners. Only undercover police and military personnel are exempted from wearing uniforms. The rest of public service workers don uniforms that usually have multiple custom patches. The emblem of a government is sewn into a uniform while another symbol bearing the logo of a sector or department is added. The name of a department is added through another patch while the name of a public service worker can be included by sewing an additional patch.

The presence of Custom patches on uniforms of public service workers may be trivial because they only show basic information. The patches do not aim to brag about the position and department of public service workers. They are actually essential because they let the public know whom to approach during times of need. A citizen will be able to spot the right person to complain to about a utility service deficiency. Another citizen will be able to address his education or healthcare concerns to the right public service worker. Citizens will also be able to detect fraudulent public service workers if they notice something different in their uniform patches.

Custom patches on public service uniforms are especially important during times of emergencies. When there is chaos brought about by calamities and peace and order situations, it is important for citizens to be able to find help right away.

In such emergency situations, the public must be able to spot public service workers immediately. The uniforms of deployed rescue teams must be noticeable to the victims. If one is unfamiliar with the uniforms of the various emergency teams, he can find out the name, position, and department of a worker based on his patches.

That is why it is crucial for Custom patches on public service uniforms to be easily visible. The color scheme must be easy on the eyes. The department logo must be readily detectable. The names of the department as well as of the worker must be readable. These design rules can be followed by experienced graphic designers at Patches4Less. We produce customized embroidered patches at reasonable prices. Aside from being affordable, the patches are of high quality. They are crafted to be durable enough to withstand emergency situations such as floods, earthquakes, and fires.

It is in the interest of the public, most especially during emergencies, that public service uniform patches must not be taken for granted. Aside from being an aid of identification for the public, the patches also help the various teams involved in rescue operations. For instance, a military team member can bring survivors to a medical team member by just looking at the medico’s patches. The time saved from inquiring if a person is part of the medical team is precious time in life-and-death situations. The simple identification process of looking at uniform patches can save a lot of time, paving the way for a more seamless process of rescue operations.

Choosing The Right Motivational Speaker

Have you ever imagined how a leader convinces his army to throw themselves in battlefields? We have seen it in several movies: a leader delivers a speech in front of his warriors then minutes later, soldiers storm the battle ground and win the war. Have you also imagined why different religious groups continue to lure thousands of followers when in fact they just have a common aim – to worship and express their faith? The answer is because of powerful speeches, and though it may just seem a simple fusion of words, the effect is so infinitely influential.

These are prominent examples why inspiring words are important. Not only because it is through words that we express our emotions, but also because the words that we utter have the ability of influencing others.

As years go by, we have seen the colossal potential of motivational speeches. In this world where everything seemed to be monotonous, it is indeed important to hear something inspirational. Our society is primarily composed of employees and students. With the help of motivational speakers, each component of the community will be more productive, allowing people to live their lives to the fullest.

Companies and organizations nowadays, whether it could be private or government institution, hire motivational speakers because they have realized the significance it contributes not only to their employees, but to the organization as well. Now comes the challenging task of choosing the best motivational speaker. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste money on some cheap and sleazy speaker.

There are several things to consider when choosing a motivational speaker:

1. Inspiring

Guest Speaker
The goal is to motivate; therefore, the speaker must be inspiring. A little research on the internet will somehow ease the burden of doing background check on the prospected speaker. Testimonials that you can read in web forums or from the website of the speaker are good sources of relevant and reliable information. You can also access our site, Our website is so comprehensive that anything you need to know about our speaker is posted there. It contains facts about Garrison Wynn, a world-renowned motivational speaker who was hired by several multibillion-dollar manufacturers and national associations because of his ability to educate and motivate people.

Posted also at our site,, are testimonials from our clients and video clips from talks. There are also downloadable session notes. These will help you dig out some facts and other important details that may answer your question regarding how inspirational and effective our speaker is. After all, the success of the talk will primarily depend on the personality of the speaker.

2. Entertainment versus the Message

We at have also created our own list of choosing the perfect speaker. According to the website, one of the most important things to consider is the ‘blending of the entertainment value and the message’ of the talk. It has proven before that in order for the talk to be effective, speakers must incorporate entertainment to lighten up the mood of the audience. The message, most of the times, becomes more effective if some points will be delivered or presented in an entertaining manner because it captivates the attention of the audience.

Keynote Speaker
“Entertainment” does not only mean “humor”. Since the goal of entertainment in motivational speeches is to stir the emotions of the audience, ‘entertainment’ may also refer to ‘drama’ tactics.

We at believe that it is important to discuss with the Speaker the possible options for the blending of entertainment in the talks. It could be 70 percent entertainment and 30 percent for the traditional persuasive speech, or vice versa. Whatever it is that you are considering, professional speakers can modify their talks to fit the needs or requests of their clients.

3. Others

Aside from the two mentioned above, you should also consider other factors including the corresponding fees of the speaker, his/her professional affiliations, and accolades that he received, indicating his ‘level of commitment’ to the profession.

The History Of Taylormade Golf

Taylormade Golf Company is one of the best names when it comes to this sport. Beginners and professionals alike go to them for all kinds of golf equipment. Seeing that “T” emblem on a club would mean it is made of high quality materials. When people talk about golf equipment, Taylormade is always mentioned in their conversations.

For a young company which just started in the late 70’s, how could they form such a big name in the industry?

The brain behind the company was all from Gary Adams. He started a humble life as a golf salesman. He sold equipment such as clubs, gloves and golf bags. During that time, woods were really made out of wood. He started playing golf as well and the two-piece ball was newly invented. He wondered why the balls didn’t go as far as intended. He realized that the golf ball was not really the problem. The clubs needed to be upgraded as well.

Why didn’t anyone think of inventing better clubs?

Adams spent many sleepless nights developing the right club to hit the golf ball farther. He tried many materials to mix with the woods to make it more effective in driving longer tees. Finally, he thought of using metals for the wood heads. He noticed that using metal to hit the golf ball made it go farther than the wood. It was also easier to swing than what people used back then.

Adams thought that his new discovery might be a big hit in the golf industry. He needed money to be able to bring his invention to the market. Since he was not a rich man, he loaned his house for $24,000 to start the company. He also leased a 6,000 square foot building in McHenry, Illinois. It is hard to imagine that when Taylormade Golf was born, they only had three employees. There was only one available kind of club then. Only a 12-degree stainless steel driver was offered. Golfers were kind of hesitant to try out the new products because they got so used to using traditional woods.

The History Of Taylormade Golf Are :

Taylormade Golf made their first major breakthrough in the annual PGA Merchandise Show. Adams showed his invention to his fellow golf enthusiasts and it gained popularity. People noticed that using a metal driver is a big help in driving long shot. The angle and speed was perfect that it was way more effective than using the old woods. At the end of the event, people started referring his products to others. The company got numerous orders that reached up to $50,000. That is where Taylormade Golf made history.

Eventually, their line of products increased and they started introducing innovations to the golf industry. In 1983, the Burner driver was introduced. It introduced the concept of a lower angle to get a higher speed. It is a club made especially for aerodynamics. Instantly, people loved it. The company grew even more popular.

In 2007, the company added another innovation to their collection. They added adjustable weights for the burner series. This adds more flexibility to the club which makes it newbie-friendly. Even amateur players invested in buying Taylormade products.

Not soon after, they became the leaders for golf equipment. Gary Adams was a very innovative man and he continued producing high quality products until he sold his company.

Taylormade golf

In 1997, Adidas bought the company but still did not change the name. Taylormade golf was still the name of the brand that produced high quality equipment for golf.

During Adams’ lifetime, he garnered many awards for his ingenuity. 1984, he was honored as the “Man of the Year” by the National Golf Foundation. He was also given the Ernie Sabayrac Award in 1995.

In 1998, he was diagnosed with cancer. After 2 years of battling the said condition, he lost his life. He may be gone but every golfer would still be benefiting from his legacy.

Author Bio:
Taylormade Golf Company is one of the best names when it comes to this sport. Taylormade golf clubs are one of the best brand of golf clubs in the business today and their items are easily accessible.

Make HCG Drops Diet Plan Works for You and Avoid Cheating

There are claims that HCG diet works and there are statements that they don’t work at all. Some HCG dieters prefer HCG injections and there several dieters who prefer HCG drops.

HCG diet follows a protocol that should be obeyed to the dot to make the diet works with the help of HCG injection or drops. A dieter needs to consume a maximum of 500 calorie per day, and there are foods choices that you only need to consume in each phase. You will be given a list of nutritious foods minus the unhealthy junk foods and too much sugar that can harm your body.

HCG DropsAt a glance, the HCG diet protocol teaches you to eat healthy and keep it that way. But, don’t try following the HCG protocol without taking HCG supplement. The required low calorie intake per day will definitely make you feel hungry if you do not take any HCG. Even though you eat enough food and should feel satisfied with them, you will still feel hungry without any HCG.

HCG has the ability to suppress the symptoms of hunger and make you feel satisfied with your meal. But, taking HCG drops alone won’t be enough to make you lose weight if you don’t follow the HCG diet protocol. The HCG protocol and HCG supplement should go hand in hand – one can’t simply give you the body that you want without the help of the other.

How to Make it Work for you

In the HCG protocol, you don’t need to exercise or workout. But, perspiring even a little can help your body get rid of the toxins and make you feel light and lively. It is advisable to do light exercises on a regular basis or don’t start at all.

There are different phases to follow in the HCG diet program. It is important to follow the food recommendations that you need to eat during each phase. The protocol is designed to guide you toward the success of your weight loss endeavor.

Dr. Simeons has able to come up with the most ideal diet plan after years or research and study. He did not group the foods together on a whim. You might still feel hungry during the first two weeks of the HCG diet program even if you follow the recommended food choices to take. Your body is still adjusting to the new diet that you have. You should not feel hungry anymore after the adjustment period has passed.

HCG Diet Plan
Stick to the HCG diet plan so you don’t need to cheat, although sometimes, it is inevitable to consume more then 500 calories during reunions or company events. Although the program has provided a sort of “cheat code”, it is not a good practice to use it every now and then. You will not gain any favorable results if you keep on cheating. You are allowed to cheat only during inevitable circumstances, and you should only do it once.

If you think the food choices in the HCG drops diet program are bland, then you need to find a delectable HCG recipe for your ingredients. Most HCG recipes are easy to follow and you will also be giving your family a chance to eat healthy meals every time.

Don’t eat junk foods, pastries and other foods that contain too much sugar. Choose healthy snacks that are high in fiber. It also helps to drink lots of water, especially when the weather is hot.

There are claims that some dieters experienced minimal side effects. It is wise to consult your doctor first before starting the regimen.

The HCG diet and HCG drops can help you lose weight. Do your share to reach your goal. The HCG diet and drops won’t be able to give you the fit, slim, and healthy body that you want without your help.