Make HCG Drops Diet Plan Works for You and Avoid Cheating

There are claims that HCG diet works and there are statements that they don’t work at all. Some HCG dieters prefer HCG injections and there several dieters who prefer HCG drops.

HCG diet follows a protocol that should be obeyed to the dot to make the diet works with the help of HCG injection or drops. A dieter needs to consume a maximum of 500 calorie per day, and there are foods choices that you only need to consume in each phase. You will be given a list of nutritious foods minus the unhealthy junk foods and too much sugar that can harm your body.

HCG DropsAt a glance, the HCG diet protocol teaches you to eat healthy and keep it that way. But, don’t try following the HCG protocol without taking HCG supplement. The required low calorie intake per day will definitely make you feel hungry if you do not take any HCG. Even though you eat enough food and should feel satisfied with them, you will still feel hungry without any HCG.

HCG has the ability to suppress the symptoms of hunger and make you feel satisfied with your meal. But, taking HCG drops alone won’t be enough to make you lose weight if you don’t follow the HCG diet protocol. The HCG protocol and HCG supplement should go hand in hand – one can’t simply give you the body that you want without the help of the other.

How to Make it Work for you

In the HCG protocol, you don’t need to exercise or workout. But, perspiring even a little can help your body get rid of the toxins and make you feel light and lively. It is advisable to do light exercises on a regular basis or don’t start at all.

There are different phases to follow in the HCG diet program. It is important to follow the food recommendations that you need to eat during each phase. The protocol is designed to guide you toward the success of your weight loss endeavor.

Dr. Simeons has able to come up with the most ideal diet plan after years or research and study. He did not group the foods together on a whim. You might still feel hungry during the first two weeks of the HCG diet program even if you follow the recommended food choices to take. Your body is still adjusting to the new diet that you have. You should not feel hungry anymore after the adjustment period has passed.

HCG Diet Plan
Stick to the HCG diet plan so you don’t need to cheat, although sometimes, it is inevitable to consume more then 500 calories during reunions or company events. Although the program has provided a sort of “cheat code”, it is not a good practice to use it every now and then. You will not gain any favorable results if you keep on cheating. You are allowed to cheat only during inevitable circumstances, and you should only do it once.

If you think the food choices in the HCG drops diet program are bland, then you need to find a delectable HCG recipe for your ingredients. Most HCG recipes are easy to follow and you will also be giving your family a chance to eat healthy meals every time.

Don’t eat junk foods, pastries and other foods that contain too much sugar. Choose healthy snacks that are high in fiber. It also helps to drink lots of water, especially when the weather is hot.

There are claims that some dieters experienced minimal side effects. It is wise to consult your doctor first before starting the regimen.

The HCG diet and HCG drops can help you lose weight. Do your share to reach your goal. The HCG diet and drops won’t be able to give you the fit, slim, and healthy body that you want without your help.